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A place where all things yoga and healthy are under one roof.

Your destination for relaxation. We've created an industry leading green-built energy efficient facility featuring: 3 yoga studios, 21 massage and therapeutic treatment rooms, 6 heat therapy relaxation rooms, a raw juice and food bar, along with a stylish boutique for all your yoga fashions, equipment & body care needs. The greatest Health Care is SELF Care. Join us today where the only thing missing is you!

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Get in touch with your body, mind and soul

With over 50 yoga classes per week, you'll have no trouble finding a class that suits your body, mind and soul. Beginner classes are offered daily. Our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified and nationally trained, offering education, instruction, and inspiration in each and every breathe. Whether its a heated yoga class, restorative yoga or a mindful meditation, Raffa Yoga™ has a style for you. We also feature ongoing monthly yoga posture clinics, teacher trainings, health and wellness workshops to inspire an ongoing healthy lifestyle. Give us a try, you'll see why we're Rhode Island's leading yoga, health and wellness destination.

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Decompress your spine and stretch and strengthen your muscles

Come on Get Happy! Raffa Yoga™ presents RI's only AntiGravity® yoga/ TRX suspension training. Anti-Gravity® Yoga is an exciting new twist (literally) to your yoga practice. Supported inversions provide decompression to your spine, soothe and stimulate your body and mind. This has proven to release endorphins and to stimulate your pituitary gland - it will make you feel like you can fly! It's a fun and unique way to stretch, laugh, strengthen and breathe!

TRX suspension training. Taken from the Navy Seals workout regimen, is a small group fitness fusion, body enhancement training. Focusing on core stability, agility, and complete body conditioning; class participation are limited providing individualized attention, target area focus, and precision alignment instruction.

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Urban Sweat

Old World Wisdom Meets New World Self Care

In Urban Sweat, Old World Wisdom meets New World Self Care. We feature 6 heat therapy rooms to foster and encourage your health and well-being. First room is the yellow turmeric sauna heat to 160°, and great for weight loss, fat metabolism, as well as liver detoxification. The Next room is the Himalayan Salt Grotto, covered from ceiling to floor in 18,000 pounds of Himalayan salt rock, known for its respiratory benefits. The hottest room in urban sweat is the black charcoal sauna, heated to 180°, this room is known for getting deep into the connective tissue and allowing the muscles to release and relax. Moving to the Eucalyptus steam room that is paired with the urban ham man, both of these rooms are infused with essential eucalyptus oil and great for arthritis, inflammation, muscle stiffness, as well as respiratory benefits. The sixth room in urban sweat is the oceanic relaxation room, full of dead sea salt, simply restore and recover in this room as the peaceful sounds of fish swim in a tank as you float away in the zero-gravity chairs.

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Relax & Revitalize with Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Active Relaxation is the state of being self-aware during an activity designed to calm the mind. When you enter New England's Only Active Relaxation Center, we provide the opportunity to unplug and disconnect from the stress-inducing pace of each day. Therapeutic massage and body work is offered as a way to enhance the time spent at the active relaxation center. What's your body craving? Is it shear solitude through signature relaxation massage, or maybe take a journey into the deeper tissues and muscles of a deep tissue therapeutic massage. Offerings of reflexology and facials allow the extremities to experience bliss. Signature salt and sugar scrubs work to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Hot stone massages are available for those who like a warm touch. With so many services available, leave it to you and your body to choose!

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Nourish- Self, Others & Community

Rhode Island-grown cellular nutrition at its best. Our juice and raw food bar features a full stock of fruits and vegetables to replenish and feed your body and mind before or after yoga or massage. Our one and three day cleanses inspire detoxification and healthy nutrition with today's busy lifestyle. We can provide you with a quick pick-me-up shot of wheatgrass, organize a group cleanse with friends, or forget the flowers entirely and pick up a six pack of freshly pressed juices, nutritious, delicious, and prepared with love. Check out our delicious offerings! Raffa's OM grown greenhouse grows its own wheatgrass, sprouts, and micro greens to infuse health in every bite or sip!

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